A Day behind and a Buck Short

Not very much done today. Josie and the girls were here all day and the girls were not in a good mood. Both of them were not into taking a nap. My headache started about 1:00 pm and has not gone away.

I was very happy when Sharlene got home but we didn’t have much time as we all were invited to Niki’s for dinner.  It was also an early birthday for Holly. They are off to Fla. next week. I don’t remember if it’s Disney land or world in Florida. Whichever it is, that’s where they’re going. 

Back home about 10:45 and just wanted to finish up a few things before going to bed. The usual, check email, check Digg, check Boing-Boing. I make no apologies for being a nerd, geek and hacker, whatever.

Still waiting for the (official) Beta of Windows 7. I’ve already installed the leaked copy on my laptop but I’d like the Beta licence so I can use it hassle free until August. Microsoft says servers are overloaded and they’ll put the Beta back up soon and so I wait. 


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