Then and Now

Same twinkle in her eyes. I hope I’m the one that put it there.

Please excuse the jacket.



July 28th 1973

Yesterday was my anniversary. Thirty-six years ago I was 19 and in love with another 19 year old. The only change now is the number of years that have gone by. Now I’m 55 and in love with another 55 year old. We have grown up and older together. I still have trouble trying to figure out why she said yes but I’m grateful every day that she did.

The Eagle has Landed


I’ve been reading a lot the past few days about the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Many people have been recalling what they were doing that day. I decided to write down what I was doing 40 years ago today. Most people that know me might think that like any 15 year old back in ’69, I would have been glued to the TV to witness that famous landing live.

I was not. I was too busy trying to explore strange new worlds that were much closer to me. A 19 year old neighbour of ours (she lived a few floors below us) wanted me to teach her how to swim. I was only too happy to help as it gave me many opportunities for exploring a mature (to me) female form. There were a lot of glances down a swimsuit top that seemed to float above her for a second as she would lay back in my arms as I taught her to float. There was lots of accidental groping when ever she would realize that she couldn’t touch bottom and would wrap herself around me. It was really pretty innocent on both our parts but a few times that summer, her brother would show up and let me know to, “Stay away from his sister.” She moved away at the end of the summer but it was not the last time I saw her.

Through a long series of coincidences, I ended up at her wedding five years later. It turned out that her Mother was a friend of my Mother in law and my wife and I were invited to the wedding. At the wedding I was looking at my wife more than the bride so it didn’t strike me until her brother came up to my wife and I and said, “Aren’t you the guy that was fooling around with my sister?” Real smooth guy. Thanks a lot. Luckily for me, my wife accepted my explanation.


It’s Like they got the pictures at my Doctor’s Office

Cold-induced urticaria

Most allergies are to physical items, but there are a handful that are reactions to environmental conditions, including cold. Those who suffer from this strange ailment must combat the cold in ways that would make most hardy northerners laugh as they wander around in shorts and a T-shirt while they shovel the snow from the driveway. Any exposed skin will break out in hives, and during the depths of winter an acute attack is a constant risk. For most who suffer from this particular allergy, swimming is extremely dangerous as it lowers the entire body’s temperature to the point that it brings on anaphylaxis.

Though rarely fatal, it does have the benefit of ensuring you’ll have a medical reason to never, ever be talked into going polar bear swimming. Who knows, you might even get prescribed a tropical vacation every winter.