I’ve got a new one. Well not a ONE, a Gateway LT3100

My wonderful wife bought me a new addition to the computer collection. Thanks Kid!! After a lot of looking, I decided that the Gateway LT3100 was the perfect blend of size and mobility. It fits in my very small laptop bag (even with the 6 cell battery) and the screen is beautiful to look at. The only downside was that it came with Vista home basic. It went away very quickly. Overall, very impressive machine.


Dave Ball  ô¿ô
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I’m so glad this hasn’t happened to me for a long time

I came across this item on Digg today. It brings back memories. Not good ones. I used to have at least two episodes of Sleep Paralysis a week. It seemed to go away in my late thirties. I knew it wasn’t real but while it was happening I was convinced I was about to die. Makes you not want to sleep. Great article.

Freaky Sleep Paralysis: Being Awake in Your Nightmares