Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving seems like a lot of holidays to me. I mean shouldn’t we be thankful every day of the year? Wake up in the morning and say “Thank you God for giving me another day”. Thank your wife/husband for putting up with you for another day. Thank the person who hands you your coffee at Tim’s. Just be thankful everyday.

I’ve got so much to be thankful for that I can hardly think of it all.

First off, I’m alive. I could have bought it so many times in my life, sometimes from my own stupidity and sometimes from circumstances beyond my control. Yet, here I am.

Second: I’m married to the love of my life. Sure if you’re married to someone you should be in love with them. I mean I’m married to someone I love as much as life itself. She gives me my reason to get up every morning. She knows me so well that it is sometimes freaky. Now I’m not saying she’s perfect and it’s not like we never disagree. We just always know at the end of the day, we love each other and that trumps any argument we could have.

Third, forth, fifth and sixth: My son and my daughter can both in their own ways drive me crazy. I want so much for them but they have to do it for themselves. I tried to teach them that. They are both a combination of my wife and I. That could explain a lot of things now that I think of it. My granddaughters, April and Breanna are light and energy. April could light up a cave with her smile and Breanna could solve the energy crisis if we could get her on a treadmill. They can both wear me out and pick me up at the same time.

Today’s music: I’m Alive by The Hooters