I’m Feeling Much Better, Thank You

It’s been one week since I died. I never thought I’d start a post with that sentence. One week ago I was lying on a table in a lab at St. Mary’s Hospital getting an angiogram. The Doctor had found a 99% blockage of my right Coronary artery and was in the process of clearing out the clot before putting a stint in. I started feeling very hot and my vision was getting red. I said, “Something’s not right” but noticed the Doctor and nurses seemed to be moving very fast and they looked concerned about something. Everything went black about then and the next thing I heard was the Doctor saying, “Come on back, you’re still with us.” I talked to the Doctor in the hallway and he told me I had an “episode” on the table and put a scare into them. I told him that I was a little more scared than they were. I don’t know why Doctors need to use euphemisms like “episode” to describe things. If he had just said, “We lost you for a minute but we got you back” I would have preferred it.


It seems strange that five weeks ago I was complaining to my Doctor about Heartburn and taking antacids (which didn’t help) and now I’m recovering from a heart procedure. The funny thing is one of the drugs that I have to take now has a side effect of causing heartburn. The circle keeps going round.


I can’t thank the Doctors and nurses enough for the great work they did. I’m feeling so much better now than I have in a long time.  


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