Bow, Bow, Bow, My wall is Bowed

I started off today by getting up earlier than normal. Strange thing to do on vacation but I had told Josie I’d drop her off at work after taking the girls to day care. After Sharlene and Daryl left I decided to get some of my job list done. I spent about one and a half hours looking for my aluminum tape, which I didn’t find. Looks like the humidifier is not getting installed today. Project two went a bit better. Replaced some damaged wallpaper in the bathroom. Next up was the floating shelf for the projector. Once I had gotten all my tools together I headed to the Living room to start. I noticed that the light was off and I was sure I’d left it on. Turns out we had a small blackout. A transformer bit the dust down the street and I couldn’t get started until Hydro got the power back on. I was able to notch out the baseboard so my Media tower would fit flush to the wall. I measured for the shelf and mounted the bracket. I put the shelf on the bracket and thought it looked pretty good until I noticed that the middle of the shelf was touching the wall but both ends were not. I checked with a long straightedge and found a good half inch bow in my wall. I could just leave it and Sharlene thinks no one will notice. I’ll notice every time I look at the shelf. I think tomorrow I’ll have to scribe the shelf and get it fitting flush with the wall or I’ll always see that gap. Anal? perhaps but in the words of a certain Mike, “If you’re going to do it, do it right”


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