Hump Day

A few things came up to keep my to-do list from getting smaller.

I had to copy the contents of a friend’s laptop hard drive to my server for safe keeping while his laptop is sent back to HP to fix a video problem.

I had planned on mounting my screen today but to mount it I have to move a shelving unit to another room and the Christmas tree is where I want to move it. So take down Christmas tree and pack everything away for another year.

Neighbour bought a new printer so I went over to install it for them.

When I got back home I had to leave almost right away because I had promised another friend that I would install a router for her new computer today. Before I left I had to put a bench seat back in the van and put the two car seats in.

When I got to my friend’s house I found out that she had not even opened the box that the new computer came in so most of the time was spent hooking up the new PC and letting it go through it’s very long configuring of Vista. I had to leave before it was finished but everything seemed to be going ok.The router works fine.

I left to pick up Josie and the girls. I remembered to get my sticker for the van so I’m legal again.

I’ve still got two more days. It’s like school, I’ll cram.



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