Sad, Happy, Sad, Really, Really Sad

Monday night I went to bed and left my laptop on converting and burning a DVD. I got up in the morning and when I pressed a key to turn my screen back on I was greeted by a techno colour pattern on the screen. Ctrl alt del didn’t do anything so I held the power button down to turn it off. Problem was it didn’t turn back on. (Sad) After trying several things (remove hd and reset, remove battery and reset, remove ram and reset), it came back to life and all was good. (Happy) Today, I was in the middle of reading something on the web when my screen went crazy. Flashing colours and such. I held the power button down and turned it off. It wouldn’t boot back up. (Sad) I tried everything again several times and in different combinations and it still won’t boot. I think it may be dead. (Really, Really Sad)


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