Josie is 25 + 1

Josie likes to say she is 25 + 1. I don’t think it makes much difference. She was born 26 years ago as of January 11, 2009, so there! I think she had a pretty good Birthday. She had Sloppy-joes, root beer and German chocolate cake. She also got a few presents. I think she liked the last ONE (pun intended)


Saturday (Not in the park)

Cold..Huh!! What is it good for? Absolutely Nuthin.

Busy Saturday. We all went to Giddion’s 1st birthday. Josie then left with the girls and Daryl went to Wally World. Sharlene and I did some shopping. Josie came back and got ready for her party. We drove her to her party and did more shopping. I spent a few hours working on computers and crashed about 2 am. Busy day tomorrow too.

A Day behind and a Buck Short

Not very much done today. Josie and the girls were here all day and the girls were not in a good mood. Both of them were not into taking a nap. My headache started about 1:00 pm and has not gone away.

I was very happy when Sharlene got home but we didn’t have much time as we all were invited to Niki’s for dinner.  It was also an early birthday for Holly. They are off to Fla. next week. I don’t remember if it’s Disney land or world in Florida. Whichever it is, that’s where they’re going. 

Back home about 10:45 and just wanted to finish up a few things before going to bed. The usual, check email, check Digg, check Boing-Boing. I make no apologies for being a nerd, geek and hacker, whatever.

Still waiting for the (official) Beta of Windows 7. I’ve already installed the leaked copy on my laptop but I’d like the Beta licence so I can use it hassle free until August. Microsoft says servers are overloaded and they’ll put the Beta back up soon and so I wait. 

Make Work Day

Thursday was a bit of a washout. I managed to get the Screen up but I will have to mount a shelf under the floating shelf to hold the projector. I also have to figure out how to make it look good (The Sharlene factor). I still can’t find my metal tape so the humidifier is still in the box. I managed to get a few off list things done but time is running out.  

Hump Day

A few things came up to keep my to-do list from getting smaller.

I had to copy the contents of a friend’s laptop hard drive to my server for safe keeping while his laptop is sent back to HP to fix a video problem.

I had planned on mounting my screen today but to mount it I have to move a shelving unit to another room and the Christmas tree is where I want to move it. So take down Christmas tree and pack everything away for another year.

Neighbour bought a new printer so I went over to install it for them.

When I got back home I had to leave almost right away because I had promised another friend that I would install a router for her new computer today. Before I left I had to put a bench seat back in the van and put the two car seats in.

When I got to my friend’s house I found out that she had not even opened the box that the new computer came in so most of the time was spent hooking up the new PC and letting it go through it’s very long configuring of Vista. I had to leave before it was finished but everything seemed to be going ok.The router works fine.

I left to pick up Josie and the girls. I remembered to get my sticker for the van so I’m legal again.

I’ve still got two more days. It’s like school, I’ll cram.


Bow, Bow, Bow, My wall is Bowed

I started off today by getting up earlier than normal. Strange thing to do on vacation but I had told Josie I’d drop her off at work after taking the girls to day care. After Sharlene and Daryl left I decided to get some of my job list done. I spent about one and a half hours looking for my aluminum tape, which I didn’t find. Looks like the humidifier is not getting installed today. Project two went a bit better. Replaced some damaged wallpaper in the bathroom. Next up was the floating shelf for the projector. Once I had gotten all my tools together I headed to the Living room to start. I noticed that the light was off and I was sure I’d left it on. Turns out we had a small blackout. A transformer bit the dust down the street and I couldn’t get started until Hydro got the power back on. I was able to notch out the baseboard so my Media tower would fit flush to the wall. I measured for the shelf and mounted the bracket. I put the shelf on the bracket and thought it looked pretty good until I noticed that the middle of the shelf was touching the wall but both ends were not. I checked with a long straightedge and found a good half inch bow in my wall. I could just leave it and Sharlene thinks no one will notice. I’ll notice every time I look at the shelf. I think tomorrow I’ll have to scribe the shelf and get it fitting flush with the wall or I’ll always see that gap. Anal? perhaps but in the words of a certain Mike, “If you’re going to do it, do it right”

Wow What Happened to Monday?

I’m not sure what happened but I seem to have lost a day. My first day of working vacation seems to have gone away without much getting done. I got a lot of small personal things done, mostly cleaning up my computer mess. I spent some time with April and Breanna while Josie went to an appointment. Ah, that’s it, I watched two movies with the girls. That’s where the day went. We watched Wall-E for the first time and Finding Nemo for the tenth time. When the girls went for a nap I got a few phone calls made and installed a beta of Windows 7 to test out. I have to get more done this week.

I Can’t Drive at 55

Well I had my mostly quiet day. Had some sugar pie (thanks Darlene) and some German Chocolate Cake (thanks Josie). Sharlene gave me a set of Lincoln Logs ??? that the girls helped me play with. She also gave me a stand for my Strat so it won’t be propped up against he wall on a roll of duct tape anymore. Daryl ordered me a book, “Guitar playing for Dummies,” that will be coming in the mail. (What is he trying to say about his Dad?) Got plenty of well wishes from friends. All in all, a good day. Only bad thing is I forgot to get my renewal sticker for my van, hence the title of this message.

One Hour to Go

I only have one more hour as a young 54 year old. Soon I’ll be 55 and have freedom! At least that’s what all those London Life ads used to say. 

All I really want for my birthday is a quiet day with my family around, maybe a cake and Sharlene smiling and taking far too many pictures. Except for the quiet and the cake, that sounds like most Sundays around here. She loves her camera and I’m glad I gave her a large SD card for it or she’d be running to the computer once a day to empty it. I think she likes the video function a bit too much. We have many short videos of the grandkids and I can see them growing in every one. Like I used to say about our own kids, “They’re only young once and that’s enough”. 

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (Sort of)

I’m taking a week off from my part time job to get some things done around the house.

Partial List (subject to editing by Sharlene)

Fix Wallpaper, Install Humidifier on furnace, Put up shelf, Run projector and speaker wire, Install projector, Install screen, Run wire for ceiling fan in Living room, Install ceiling fan, Rewire Laundry room light, anything else I find

So not so much a vacation as a chance to make Sharlene happy, which makes me happy. Her smile is what keeps me going no matter what else is going on in my life.