We don’t change as we get older. We just get more like ourselves.

I don’t know where I first read that but I have always liked it. I think most people “get more like themselves” as they grow older. I feel more comfortable in my skin than I felt when I was a teenager or even when I was in my Twenties or Thirties. I look at my face in the mirror every morning and think to myself, “Yep, that’s me” I don’t think, “Wow I’m getting old!” or “What happened to that guy that used to be there?” I just think of the wild ride that got me to this point in my life.

My good friend Bruce, once told my son that the thing he admired most about me was that I never cared about what people thought about me. I did go against the grain most of the time. Some people didn’t know how to take me and so they decided I wasn’t cool. I was of course never part of the in crowd, whatever that means. Somehow I survived not being like everyone else and became me, as I am, where I am in my life. If I had to do it over again, why would I change a thing? It took a lot of mistakes and miss-steps and a great deal of the Lord’s grace to get to here.

Today’s music “In My Life” by The Beatles


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