Coming up on a year

May 7th is coming up fast. It will be one year since I decided that my heartburn was something more serious. Not being able to stand up because my heart wasn’t working well also helped to convince me of that. I’m feeling better now and the only big changes are the pills I have to take every day. I’ve gone from taking an advil for a headache about once every two months to taking five pills a day. Of course you can’t put chemicals into your body everyday with out side effects. I learned that in my teens and twenties. The side effects are not serious but nagging. One of the drugs keeps my blood presure a little too low so if I’m crouched down with the Grand-kids and stand up too fast I get a little faint. I’m also lacking energy because of a couple of other drugs. All in all I’ll take those small inconvieniences in exchange for my heart continuing to work.


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