Pastor Dawes

Our Pastor had his last service at our Church today. He is retiring June 30th, so it was a bittersweet service. I’m happy for him and wish him all the best in his retirement. At the same time I’m sad to see him go. He has been a good friend and he was the reason I joined Knox’s congregation. I will miss his intelligent, insightful, humorous and above all praise filled sermons. I’ll miss our conversations about cameras, music, computers and anything else we would come up with. His knowledge of the Bible is vast and he could explain many of the parts I had trouble with. My hope is that we’ll still visit and have long rambling conversations about everything. The danger in retirement, I’ve come to see, is that we can drift apart after we leave. Maybe if I get this guitar thing figured out (Starting my lessons would be a good thing), I’ll drop by for a jam session with him. I’ll even let him play a John Denver song if he wants. Happy retirement Ivanhoe and thanks for everything.


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